Corporate Social Responsibility

World-class Green Technology

Aluminum Die Casting

Die casting is a core component and the root of ZAMA. We have 26 state-of-the-art die casting machines modified to our special needs and produce 100% of our tools in house. Our ovens are electric, which means fume free, and our modern exhaust washing system guarantees zero emissions.

Precision Machining

With 150 CNC lathe machines and more than 300 self-designed specialized machines, we reach tolerances up to +/- 2um. Our modern cleaning works with hydrocarbon cleaner, a 100% environmental-friendly agent.

High Speed Precision Stamping

Modern tools and precision high speed machines allow us flexibility in reaction to all customer requirements with in-house produced components. State-of-the-art foundation elements provides noise reduction to protect workers and neighbors.

Flexible Assembly

A strict quality control, poka-yoke, and inline testing guarantee a stable and consistent product quality. With our skilled and flexible labor force, we can follow even last-minute fluctuations in customer demand for deliveries to reduce transportation effort and such, reducing CO2 emissions to the minimum.

A Good Corporate Citizen of Shenzhen

ZAMA provides salaries and benefits well above legal requirements to its more than 2,000 employees—all of whom are proud to be members of the ZAMA family. With its high standards of environmental protection, noise protection, and greening and decoration efforts , the ZAMA factory blends in well in Xili, where residential, commercial, and industrial areas are located in the midst of neighborhoods and call for special care.

As active members of the German Chamber of Commerce, the Japanese Chamber of Commerce, and the Shenzhen Association of Enterprises with foreign investment, ZAMA drives the conversation of foreign industries with Shenzhen Government to achieve a beneficial environment for continuous and healthy growth of Shenzhen.

ZAMA's continuous efforts to reduce its environmental impact via emissions and consumptions are certified by international auditors who confirm our operation according to DIN ISO 9001, DIN ISO 14001 and (in preparation for 2015) DIN 18001.

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