Mission & Vision



In close and sustainable co-operation with our business partners, we develop and produce state-of-the-art components for modern and environmental-friendly garden and forestry tools.

We are our customer’s first choice for high precision components for garden and forestry tools.

ZAMA culture


Quality is ZAMA’s biggest asset in the eyes of our customers. Nothing is more important to ZAMA than to be the quality leader in the market.


The constant quest for better precision of production processes and development procedures is our method to maintain our role as the technology leader in the industry.This also applies for the selection of our suppliers.


Our products are complex and directly interact with many other components of our customers’ products. By helping our customers in a fast and intelligent manner with every problem that may be related to a ZAMA product, we can reach our customers‘ satisfaction.


Well-selected and well-trained associates in all hierarchy levels distinguish ZAMA from our competitors. ZAMA treats all employees fair and with respect, to reach high levels of motivation and identification with ZAMA’s products and goals.

Social and environmental responsibility

ZAMA acknowledges its impact on the environment and the neighborhood and assumes the responsibility to keep its ecological footprint as low as feasible and legally required, whichever is more strict.

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