Frequently Asked Questions

1. C1U-W49 Carburetor Primer Base Kit K056704

Click here for procedure for replacing Primer Base Kit K056704

2. How do I adjust typical diaphragm carburetors?

Click here to view "How to adjust typical diaphragm carburetor"

3. How do I find the rebuild kit part number for my Zama carburetor?

Answer - You can use our Product Look Up Search feature to view a parts list of the carburetor model, which includes the rebuild kit part number and breakdown. Click here for a link to the "Carburetor Assembly Look-Up."

4. How do I find the Zama carburetor model and type?

Click here to view "Model/Type part numbers locations"

5. Where can I buy or find Technical Support for STIHL model carburetors manufactured by Zama?

Answer - All Stihl carburetors must be purchased through an authorized Stihl dealer. Click here to access Stihl dealer locator web page. For Technical Support contact Stihl direct by phone at 888-326-9643 or Email: [email protected].

6. Where can I purchase high/low needle adjusting tools?

Answer - Zama is unable to provide adjusting tools due to EPA regulations on exhaust emissions compliance. Trained service technicians can purchase them through the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

7. What is the difference between 0057004 and 0057025 syringe bulbs?

Answer - Difference is only color 0057025 is red. They are interchangeable.

8. How do you know whether to use the mylar or rubber diaphragm in a kit?

Answer - If the surface of the carburetor is smooth use the mylar(clear or shiny black material), not smooth use the rubber diaphragm.

9. How do I adjust the metering lever height?

Click here to view "How to adjust Metering Lever Height"

10. What is the correct way to connect the fuel line when you have a remote purge bulb? When you have a purge bulb on the carburetor?

Click here to view illustrations of the fuel line with a remote purge bulb and a standard purge bulb.

11. Why don't the C1U-H46 and C1U-H49 Simple Start? carburetors have a choke butterfly?

Answer - The carburetors have two pump covers. One cover is a starting system in which it supplies extra fuel for starting. The yellow lever activates the starting system and once the unit is running the lever deactivates itself.

12. On RB type carburetors where do you install the roller guide (item #2 on the parts list)?

Click here to view illustration and explanation for roller guide installation.

13. Will a Rebuild Kit correct a carburetor that is not priming?

Answer - No, the Rebuild Kit will not correct a priming issue.

14. My carburetor will not prime. What should I do?

Answer - Do not blow compressed air through the carburetor or insert anything into the orifices of the carburetor. Do disassemble the carburetor and place the primer base assembly (section below the primer bulb) and the body of the carburetor in gasoline to soak for 30 to 45 minutes. Remove primer base assembly and carburetor body from gasoline and let air-dry. Reassemble carburetor and test priming function. If carburetor does not prime then carburetor will need to be replaced.

15. Throttle Shaft Retainer Pin Removal.

Click here to view Throttle Shaft Retainer Pin Removal Instructions.

16. Which carburetors are covered by the Bulb Kit Z000-057-K001?

Click here to view application of the 100 piece bulb kit Z000-057-K001.

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